Spray Control Valve SC-2660-3

  • The SC-2660-3 is a remote control valve with a volumetric control, which maintains the spray rate per acre at varying ground speeds when using a ground speed controlled positive displacement pump.
  • The volume per acre is constant; pressure will vary as ground speed varies.
  • Each boom section has a metered bypass system to allow an individual boom section to be closed without adjusting the volumetric control valve.
  • This control valve has a ball valve main shut-off, which provides a positive shut-off.
  • The SC-2660-3 control valve has an exclusive anti-drip system that prevents the nozzles from dripping when the main shut-off is closed.
  • There is no need for nozzle check valves.



Model Flow Rate
Max Pressure PSI Weight Suction Hose Dia. Discharge Hose Dia.
SC-2660-3 66.0 145 18.0 1″ Hose 1/2″ NPT