For Your John Blue Piston Pump

Apply your liquid fertilizer with the best pump for the job while doing it easily with your hydraulic system. You don’t need to buy new equipment to benefit from Variable Rate Technology. A great feature of the John Blue Piston Pump, with the Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Kit (VRH), is that you can use it on your current equipment – planters, drills, strip tills and liquid applicators. Regardless if your pump is 40 years old or new, the VRH Kits will mount to your pump (LF, L, LM and NGP Series Piston Pumps). You can have tomorrow’s technology today.

John Blue now offers a lower cost, more compact solution for variable rate piston pump drives. We have recently introduced a Direct Hydraulic Drive for Piston Pumps. Growers can supply their own SAE A 2-bolt motor or a hydraulic motor/PWM manifold kit is available from John Blue Company. These Direct Hydraulic Drives are available for single and double piston pumps.

We have bar mount kits and direct drive kits to fit most common configurations. Our JD series fits John Deere® and the PWM (pulse width modulation) series is for Raven®, Ag Leader®, Dickey-John®, plus others, and can be used for variable rate and sectional shut-off as desired. The MAN (manual) series lets you use your tractors’ hydraulics for a simple hydraulic driven system.

Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Kit Features

  • Base Kit to add variable rate capacity to a John Blue Piston Pump for your planter or applicator. Other required off-the-shelf components to complete the kit are detailed in the instructions.
  • Existing pumps can be easily converted to variable rate and sectional shut-off.
  • A piston pump allows for quick and stable adjustment to application rates within a fraction of a second using this technology.
  • With a piston pump your application rates will not change with the temperature or lack of head pressure.
  • Sturdy mounting bracket attaches to the side or top of the machine’s bar.
  • Two types of flow control valves (servo or PWM) are available based on the kit you select.
  • Hydraulic 2-way bypass valve turns pump and liquid flow on and off.
  • Hydraulic motor requires 10 GPM to run the piston pump at maximum rpm, but the system can be used at lower GPM as the specific application allows.
  • The manual speed drive system allows you to mount your pump anywhere on the machine and set the pump at a constant speed.
  • The manual speed drive can also be used with other brands of hydraulic flow control valves in order to interface with controllers that are not listed below.
  • “Bracket only kits” allow the use of the Precision Planting® motor, Dickey-John motor and others.

Direct Hydraulic Drive Piston Pump Features

  • Lower cost and more compact solution for variable rate piston pump drives.
  • Users can supply their own SAE A 2-bolt motor or hydraulic motor/PWM manifold kits are available from John Blue Company. We offer a flow-thru hydraulic motor/PWM manifold kit (116205-91) and a dead-head style hydraulic motor/PWM manifold kit (116205-91D).
  • Available for the following Piston Pumps: NGP-4055-HYF, NGP-6055-HY, NGP-6055-HYF, NGP-7055-HY, NGP-9055-HY