Liquid Metering Perfection

Liquid fertilizer users demand accurate rates. The patented John Blue Flow Divider when used in conjunction with our liquid metering piston pump is guaranteed to deliver. After extensive research, we know that the FD-1210, FD-2010 and the newly released FD-0610 accurately divide liquid products across a wide range of application rates. We have proven in the field that it is the most accurate distribution of any automatic flow divider system on the market today. The FD-0610, FD-1210 and FD-2010 provide unsurpassed accuracy with application rates as low as 5 GPA and as high as 80 GPA on 30 inch row spacing at 5 MPH.

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Flow Divider Adjustable Spring Kit

Flow Dividers FD-0610, FD-1210 & FD-2010