12-Volt Speed Controller

John Blue Company is excited to introduce our upgraded 12-Volt Speed Controller. We have taken our customers’ ideas and incorporated them into our new design. Accurate and smooth control over a wide range of RPM’s, stand-alone gauge option, easily readable digital display, better wiring connectors, standard run/hold on 35 amp units plus much more. We consolidated greater amp capacity through better design, all at a competitive price. The 12-Volt Controller coupled with the John Blue 12-Volt Pump is ideal for low volume fertilizer applications.

The John Blue 12-Volt Controller is available in 15 and 35 amp models. A stainless steel ammonia pressure gauge is available as an option with or without a plumbing kit. The 35 amp is also available with a digital display, which keeps pressurized fertilizers or chemicals out of the cab of the tractor. The remote stainless steel sensor has a 1/4″ NPT male fitting and uses a 20 foot wiring harness. The 35 amp control comes standard with run/ hold feature, which can be wired to your implement lift switch using a whisker or proximity switch.



  • Rheostat manual speed control for 12-Volts Pumps.
  • 6″ wiring pigtails for power input and output for motor standard.
  • Sealed heavy-duty electrical connectors.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • On/off control switch with power indicator lamp.
  • Smoother adjustment of pump flow/pressure, which results in reduced sensitivity at the top of the adjustment scale.
  • Heavy-duty OEM style stainless steel pressure sensor, for positive liquid control.
  • In-line automotive style fuse.
  • Optional stainless steel ammonia gauge can be mounted either outside of the cab or onto the control box with the provided bracket.
  • Run/hold circuit on 35 amp units.
  • Control mounting hardware included.
  • All John Blue 12-Volt Controllers are backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • Input/output wiring set, see part number AKSCP-029.
  • Gauge, tube and fittings kit, see part number AKSCP-033.


Model Description
15 Amp Controllers
AKSC15-200 15 amp control, no gauge with wiring kit
AKSC15-201 15 amp control, with SS gauge, tube and wiring kit
AKSC15-205 15 amp control, no gauge or wiring kits
AKSC15-206 15 amp control with SS gauge only
35 Amp Controllers
AKSC35-200 35 amp control, no gauge with wiring kit
AKSC35-201 35 amp control, with SS gauge, tube and wiring kit
AKSC35-205 35 amp control, no gauge or wiring kits
AKSC35-206 35 amp control with SS gauge only
35 Amp Digital Controllers – no chemicals in the cab
AKSC35-202 35 amp control digital gauge with wiring kit
AKSC35-207 35 amp control digital gauge, no wiring kit
Spare Parts
AKSCP-021 15 ft. digital pressure sensor extension cable
AKSCP-023 60 psi SS ammonia gauge kit – 1/4″ male NPT inlet, includes: AKSCP-005 gauge, AKSCP-022 bracket, 90505 screws
AKSCP-029 Input/output wiring set, includes: 10 ft. red/black power in, 20 ft. white/black motor out
AKSCP-030 Replacement digital pressure sensor assembly
AKSCP-031 20 ft. motor output extension cable
AKSCP-032 Replacement 20 ft. digital pressure sensor cable
AKSCP-033 Gauge, tube and fittings kit, includes: 20 ft. 1/4″ poly tube, union, 1/4″ NPT male & female adapters, AKSCP-023 gauge kit
AKSCP-034 Mounting screw set, includes: 4 each #10-24 x 1″ screws and ext. tooth washer locknuts.