Commercial pumps for industrial needs

Today more than ever, John Blue industrial pumps and accessories are being embraced by industry. Why? Since 1886, John Blue has stood behind our pump products with one of the best guarantees in the business – “Guaranteed to Do the Job.”

Industrial Pumps Overviews

12-Volt Speed Controller (with digital pressure gauge)

John Blue Company is pleased to introduce the upgraded 12-Volt Speed Controller product line. The 12-Volt Speed Controller controls motor speed on any 12-Volt pump to vary output. The John Blue 12-Volt Speed Controller provides accuracy over a wide range of RPM’s. John Blue Company is offering 15 and 35 AMP Controllers available with or without plumbing and stainless steel ammonia gauge, and available with the digital display models.

12-Volt Pumps

John Blue Company is pleased to introduce the new 12-Volt Pump to complement its existing line of liquid metering pumps. John Blue Company is offering three models with capacities of 2.2, 3.6 and 4.8 gpm. All models are available with quick connect ports, which include a clear site glass strainer and five hose barb quick connect fittings. Models are also available without the quick connect ports and come standard with 1/2″ NPT Port.

Brass Gear Pumps (Sprayer Pumps)

The positive displacement Brass Gear Pump with the shear pin design and stainless steel shaft is ideal for sprayer applications.

Diaphragm Pumps and Spray Pumps (Sprayer Pumps)

Our diaphragm spray pumps are available from 4.3 to 67 gpm at pressures up to 725 psi. Our diaphragm pumps are used extensively for spraying but have many other applications. They can be used for pumping hard to handle chemicals in precise measured amounts at higher pressures. We also offer poly-diaphragm pumps… ideal for acid and other hard-to-handle applications.

NEW! Poly-Centrifugal Pumps

John Blue Company has developed 2″ polypropylene versions of their successful self-priming centrifugal pumps. If you need a pump that’s portable, durable, and affordable, this new lightweight poly-pump line is just what you need. These pumps come fully-assembled, feature closed impeller technology, and are made from chemical resistant materials. Specs include 200 GPM max flow rate (112 GPM @ 25 PSI) and 45 PSI max pressure, with a 2″ port size and 3/4″ diameter shaft. Through constant engineering and design improvements, our Poly-Centrifugal Transfer Pumps, can run dry without damaging the seal, and it does so at a price you can afford.

Cast-Iron Centrifugal Pumps

John Blue Centrifugal Transfer Pumps are designed to outlast your equipment. Our Centrifugal Pumps can be run dry without damaging the seal – and at a price you can afford. They come in many different models and can transfer fluids with high efficiency over a wide range of flows and pressures. With more than a century of manufacturing experience John Blue Company offers several series of centrifugal pumps. John Blue’s two year unconditional warranty on all cast-iron centrifugal pumps demonstrates our confidence in our reliability.

Chemical Injection Pumps (Injection Pumps)

Today, the injection of chemicals demands accuracy, maximum dependability and long term reliability. Since accuracy is paramount, choose the John Blue Injection Pumps that have been engineered with customer satisfaction in mind. Our numerous injection pumps are available in both simplex and duplex models. All wetted internal parts exposed to process fluids are made from 316 stainless steel, chemically resistant polypropylene and the highest quality seals available today. We are also pleased to introduce the new injection check valve, which allows for more uniform distribution of products, prevents backflow and siphoning and offers continuous flow on duplex model pumps.

Piston Pumps (NGP)

The piston metering pump is the standard for accuracy due to the positive displacement design, which maintains virtually a constant rate of discharge due its unique design. This is accomplished mechanically without any expensive and difficult field-repair electronics. All John Blue piston pumps have been engineered and extensively field-tested to achieve the Best liquid applicator pump available today. We offer 4 models along with various universal clutches, such as manual, hydraulic and electric. John Blue Piston Pumps are available in cast iron or 316 stainless steel wet end castings.

Dual Adjustable Rate Piston Pumps (Piston Pumps)

Apply two products with one piston pump while only using one drive system. Five to one maximum ratio between the two pumping heads, ideal for starter on one side and NPK on the other side.