Liquid Manifolds

Stainless, Cast Iron & Polyethylene

  • The John Blue manifold can be used with clear liquids for even distribution when used with high pressure distribution systems such as orifices, coulter injection, or nozzles.
  • By interchanging the orifice size you can adjust the application rate.
  • The John Blue manifolds are constructed of domestic investment cast stainless steel, which will last for many years.
  • Heavy duty, cast iron manifolds and Polyethylene manifolds are also available.


Liquid Manifolds
ModelDescriptionNo. of OutletsRating PSIConstructionInletOutlet
113983NH3 Manifold with Flow Diffuser12150304 SS1″ FPT1/4″ FPT
113934Liquid Manifold12250304 SS1″ FPT1/4″ FPT
114382Liquid Manifold16250304 SS1″ FPT1/4″ FPT
A-526-LLiquid Manifold8N/ACast Iron3/4″ FPT1/4″ FPT
A-1402-LLiquid Manifold12N/ACast Iron3/4″ FPT1/4″ FPT
L-1730Liquid Manifold3N/APolyethylene3/4″ FPT3/8″ FPT