Variable Rate Metering Pumps for Precision Application

When it comes to ag metering pumps and injection pumps for agricultural fertilizers and chemicals, our Next Generation Piston Pump (NGP) will redefine your precision application expectations. Our ground-driven and hydraulic-driven variable rate piston pumps have a reputation and history built on superior performance, serviceability and overall quality.

All John Blue Ag Piston Pumps have been designed, engineered, and extensively field tested to set the standard for liquid metering pumps. In addition, any John Blue Company Piston Pump, regardless of age, can be hydraulically-driven with our Variable Rate Hydraulic Kits or ground-driven with our Universal Drive Assemblies. Plus, we have just recently introduced the new Hydraulic Drive Piston Pumps, a lower cost, more compact solution for variable rate piston pump drives.

Visit our online calculators for Ground Driven and Hydraulic Driven Piston Pumps to accurately calculate flow rates and pump settings. The calculators work in both standard and metric units, and are conveniently available on desktop computers and mobile devices.

NGP Pump with Flow Divider Output Demo

Piston pumps with flow dividers are the most accurate application method at all rates. Play this sample video to see for yourself.

NGP Settings Calculator
NGP HY Settings Calculator

Piston Pump Features

  1. NEW Inlet & Outlet Flanges make it easier to plumb your piston pump system and eliminate leaks with flange fittings. (Add -F after model number).
  2. Double Piston Rod Seals work in unison to offer multiple stage protection between the wet end and crankcase.
  3. Outboard Cylinder Plunger Packing can be inspected or replaced in the field without removing the hoses.
  4. Check Valves are designed for positive seal, easy priming, and long life.
  5. Single Valve Cap provides easy access to check valves without removing the hoses. Simple to service in the field.
  6. Common or Independent Manifolds are available on the double piston pumps. Independent manifolds allow for dual flow divider usage or half width fertilizer application.
  7. Main Shaft Seals incorporate a dual wiper that is enclosed in a grease cavity to flush out contamination. This helps to extend the life of the metering pump.
  8. NEW Direct Hydraulic Drive Piston Pumps now available along with standard Ground Drive (DRV) and Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Kits (VRH).

Single Rate Ground Drive

NGP-4050-F Series Piston Pump

NGP-5050-DRF Series Piston Pump

NGP-6050 Series Piston Pump

NGP-7050 Series Piston Pump

NGP-8050 series pump

NGP-8050 Series Piston Pump

NGP-9050 Series Piston Pump

Dual Rate Ground Drive

NGP-5655-ARF Piston Pump

NGP-5655-ARF Piston Pump

NGP-8055-AR Piston Pump

NGP-8055-AR Piston Pump

NGP-9055-AR Piston Pump

NGP-9055-AR Piston Pump

Ground Drive pumps may be hydraulically driven with a VRH kit

Single Rate Hydraulic Drive

NGP-4055-HYF Piston Pump with Hydraulic Drive

NGP-6055-HY Piston Pump with Hydraulic Drive

NGP-7055 HY Piston Pump with Hydraulic Drive

NGP-9055 Hydraulic Drive Piston Pump

NGP-9055-HY Piston Pump with Hydraulic Drive

Pump Options and Product Compatibility Recommendations

Model Number Suffix Description
-B Buna wet end o-rings and rod packing, recommended for Aqua Ammonia.
-DR** Independent dual inlet and outlet.
-F Flanges-cast iron pumps have either 200 or 220 flanges with internal 1″ or 1-1/2″ ports depending on pumps models. SS pumps have 220 flanges only.
-HY Direct hydraulic drive pump.
-K Pump less sprocket.
-R RC40 chain 18 tooth sprocket.
-S 316 SS wet-end casting, commonly ued on liquid fertilizer pH less than 5.
-U Viton wet-end o-rings and rod packing, ideal for fumigants and herbicides compatible with Viton and not compatible with Buna.

*Note: All standard Piston Pumps are cast iron and manufactured with Viton Piston Packings and Buna o-rings and rod packings. Most commonly used with liquid fertilizers that have pH greater than 5 and standard herbicides that are compatible with Buna and Viton.