Flow Divider Adjustable Spring Kit

  • Adjustable spring kit will enable you to balance multiple flow dividers.
  • Kit may be purchased separately or pre-installed on any size flow divider.
  • Call sales department for adapting to existing flow dividers.
  • When using multiple flow dividers the same size flow dividers must be used, the number of plugged outlets should be identical and the plugs equally spaced. The maximum recommended differential between flow dividers is two plugged ports.
  • Upgrade existing flow dividers (see accessories).


  1. 302 SS balanced spring offers superior performance and corrosion resistance.
  2. Exclusive Viton lip seal is more stable and has a longer life than conventional diaphragms.
  3. Upper portion of needle is 316 SS, which means longer seal life. The special glass-filled Teflon middle needle offers smooth operation with minimum friction.
  4. Spherical tip allows needle to open easier increasing accuracy at lower application rates.
  5. 316 SS sleeve can be easily removed for cleaning in the field. Alignment pin ensures that the sleeve will be replaced in exactly the same position every time.
  6. Viton o-rings are used for positive sealing for even hard to handle products.
  7. Shorter sleeve increases volume in chamber, reducing operating pressures.
  8. Tapered inlets reduce turbulence resulting in smoother flow improving accuracy by up to 3 times.
  9. Numbered ports for ease of tracing lines.
  10. Wrench flats for ease of installation.


Model Description
116063 FD-0610 Retrofit Kit
116064 FD-1210 Retrofit Kit
116065 FD-2010 Retrofit Kit
Kit includes adjustment bolt, nut, spring seat, and vented plug.


  • FD-0610-ADJ – Adjustable Spring Kit with 6-Outlet Stainless Steel Flow Divider
  • FD-1210-ADJ – Adjustable Spring Kit with 12-Outlet Stainless Steel Flow Divider
  • FD-2010-ADJ – Adjustable Spring Kit with 20-Outlet Stainless Steel Flow Divider