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1770NT John Deere Port Manifold Conversion Kit

John Blue Company has developed the following kits to make it easier to use John Blue products on your John Deere Planter.

  • Converts the 1770NT John Deere Port Manifold System to the newly redesigned FD-1210 and FD-2010 John Blue Flow Divider.
  • For planters built 2012 and later.


Delivery Line Check Valves for Planters & Applicators

Check Valves with Push Connect Fittings

For Planter & Applicator Delivery Lines

John Blue offers delivery line check valves for your planter and applicators – now available with Push Connect Fittings. Our check valves are easier to service and clean in the field. Stop your delivery lines from draining and put your fertilizer where the plants need it the most.

Flow Divider Adjustable Spring Kit

  • Adjustable spring kit will enable you to balance multiple flow dividers.
  • Kit may be purchased separately or pre-installed on any size flow divider.
  • Call sales department for adapting to existing flow dividers.
  • When using multiple flow dividers the same size flow dividers must be used, the number of plugged outlets should be identical and the plugs equally spaced. The maximum recommended differential between flow dividers is two plugged ports.
  • Upgrade existing flow dividers (see accessories).

Flow Dividers FD-0610, FD-1210 & FD-2010

Liquid Metering Perfection

Liquid fertilizer users demand accurate rates. The patented John Blue Flow Divider when used in conjunction with our liquid metering piston pump is guaranteed to deliver. After extensive research, we know that the FD-1210, FD-2010 and the newly released FD-0610 accurately divide liquid products across a wide range of application rates. We have proven in the field that it is the most accurate distribution of any automatic flow divider system on the market today. The FD-0610, FD-1210 and FD-2010 provide unsurpassed accuracy with application rates as low as 5 GPA and as high as 80 GPA on 30 inch row spacing at 5 MPH.

L-4001 Strainer

In-Line Strainers & Components

Liquids Kept Free of Foreign Matter

In-Line Strainer Features:

  • In-line strainers clean foreign materials and large particles from pesticides and fertilizer solutions to ensure good distribution whether spraying or applying below the surface.
  • Heavy duty cast iron body and stainless steel screens means a long life.
  • Provides a well-mixed solution, clear of clogging particles and debris.
liquid manifoldsliquid manifold with 16 outlets

Liquid Manifolds

Stainless, Cast Iron & Polyethylene

  • The John Blue manifold can be used with clear liquids for even distribution when used with high pressure distribution systems such as orifices, coulter injection, or nozzles.
  • By interchanging the orifice size you can adjust the application rate.
  • The John Blue manifolds are constructed of domestic investment cast stainless steel, which will last for many years.
  • Heavy duty, cast iron manifolds and Polyethylene manifolds are also available.

Poly or Stainless Irrigation Injection Check Valve

Irrigation injection Check Valves prevent backflow, siphoning and bleed through of product. John Blue offers check valves in both poly and 316 stainless steel. We just recently introduced a bleeder valve to compliment your John Blue Irrigation Check Valves. With the added bleeder valve you can bleed air from your distribution lines which can help prime your chemical injection pump.

Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Kit for John Deere® CANbus Planters

Using GreenStar™ GS2 and GS3

  • Base Kit to add variable rate capacity to a John Blue Piston Pump for the John Deere GreenStar Systems.
  • Existing pumps can be easily converted to variable rate.
  • Uses a PWM flow control valve.
  • A piston pump allows for quick and stable adjustment to application rates within milliseconds.
  • With a piston pump your application rates won’t change with the temperature.
  • Hydraulic 2-way bypass valve turns pump and liquid flow on and off.