Elevate Your Irrigation Efficiency

The E-Z Meter Injection Pump engineered by John Blue Company boasts a lightweight yet robust design. This pump is the ultimate solution for seamlessly moving between pivots. Its user-friendly setting system ensures effortless operation. Whether it’s irrigation, fertigation, or chemigation, our pumps meet all your needs with superior quality and reliability.

  1. Pumping cylinders can be mounted in parallel for large volume fertigation or for injection of two non-compatible products.
  2. A simple change of stroke length sets the precise flow to be injected.
  3. Maximum pressure 150 psi.

Models and Specifications

Model Power Source Flow Rate
5-30 GPH
5-30-5-30 GPH
5-30-10-100 GPH
10-100 GPH
10-100-10-100 GPH
01620 Belt Drive
01622 Belt Drive
01623 Belt Drive
01630 Belt Drive
01633 Belt Drive
02620 Honda Engine
02622 Honda Engine
02623 Honda Engine
02630 Honda Engine
02633 Honda Engine
10620 110-220 Volt, 1ph
10622 110-220 Volt, 1ph
10623 110-220 Volt, 1ph
11630 110-220 Volt, 1ph
10633 110-220 Volt, 1ph
20620 220-440 Volt, 3ph
20622 220-440 Volt, 3ph
20623 220-440 Volt, 3ph
21630 220-440 Volt, 3ph
20633 220-440 Volt, 3ph
30620 12 Volt DC Motors
30622 12 Volt DC Motors
30623 12 Volt DC Motors
30630 12 Volt DC Motors
30633 12 Volt DC Motors


  • Acid pumps with Teflon cylinders, ideal for acid applications. Add -1 after the part number.
  • For stainless steel check valves contact us.


Backflow Check Valve for Irrigation Line



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