Round Hose Squeeze Tube Pump

Precision Metering No Matter What You’re Pumping

with Patented Spring Loaded
Back Plate Squeeze Tube Pump


  1. Positive shut-off when pump stops.
  2. 6-16 outlets are available.
  3. Patented spring loaded back plate insures accurate rates.
  4. Fittings can be relubricated to flush out contamination.
  5. Heavy cast iron frame.
  6. Choice of optional individual sprockets or complete cluster sets.

Round Hose Spring Loaded Back Plate Squeeze Pump

Hose SizeMax. Output per HoseMax. SpeedMax. PressureRate Range (GPA)
5/16".58 GPM1256 PSI3-23*
1/2"1.4 GPM1256 PSI7-55*
*Maximum rating based on 5 MPH, 30 inch rows. Minimum is based on 48 pulses per minute.


ModelRowsMetering Hose SizeGPADischarge Hose SizeSuction Hose Size
L-6-C61/2″7 – 551/2″1″
L-8-C85/16″3 – 233/8″1″
L-8-LC81/2″7 – 551/2″1-1/4″
L-12-SC125/16″3 – 233/8″1-1/4″
L-12-C121/2″7 – 551/2″1-1/4″
L-16-C165/16″3 – 233/8″1-1/4″