Medium-Pressure Diaphragm Pump DP-90.1

  • 3-diaphragm design.
  • Ideal for agriculture and industrial use including horticulture, lawn care, nursery, car wash, air blast orchard/vineyard and poultry houses.
  • Various mounting options that make them convenient to mount on sprayers with a PTO drive or can be equipped with either gasoline, electric or hydraulic motors.
  • All fluid ends are anodized aluminum.
  • Check valves are stainless steel, ideal for protection against most harsh chemicals and abrasion.
  • All moving parts are completely submerged in oil, which increases the reliability of the pump.
  • Diaphragms are constructed from chemical resistant elastomers that ensure a long pump life even when used with aggressive chemicals.



ModelDescriptionMax Flow GPMMax Pres. PSIMax Speed RPMMax Power HPMax Temp. ° FSuct. Hose Diam.Disch. Hose Diam.Weight LBLube Oil
DP-90.13 diaphragms. Can be PTO mounted, gasoline engine, hydraulic motor, or electric motor driven.9.0 @ 550 RPM, 10.6 @ 650 RPM5806504.0140° F1″ Hose1/2″ NPT17.030 SAE


DP-90.1-GRI: Includes gear box for 3.5 and 5 HP engine and regulator with (2) outlets and shut-off valve.


  • SC Series: Spray Guns and Lances.
  • SC-1241-2: Pressure Regulator.
  • SC-1132-2: Pressure Regulator.
  • SC-1240-3: Pressure Regulator.
  • DP-321009: Gearbox for 3.5 and 5 HP Engines.
  • Pump equipped with crankshaft flange, must order shaft separately (DP-318793 for 3/4″ solid shaft) or (DP-318590 for 1″ solid shaft).
  • DP-318343: Female 1-1/3″ Shaft Kit.
  • DP-310049: Male 1-3/8″ Shaft Kit.
  • DP-31874897: Hydraulic Adapter (SAE “B”).