Centrifugal Pumps for Electric Motors

  • Patented Vac-U-Seal impeller design creates a vacuum between the impeller and mechanical seal. Lack of pressure on the seal face minimizes seal wear and results in a longer seal life.
  • Double wet seal design provides for continuous lubrication of the seal faces. This wet seal design allows the pump to be run dry for extended periods with no damage to the mechanical seal faces.
  • Closed impeller design minimizes thrust loading on the drive motor extending the life of the drive motor. Impeller wear actually increases performance.
  • Extra thick cast walls provide extra strength and extend the life of the unit due to abrasion and corrosion.



ModelPump TypeMax Capacity (gpm)Capacity (@ 25 psi)Max
(psi @
Max Speed (rpm)Max Power (hp)Inlet & Outlet FPT
S-3220-E2″ straight, 3/4″ shaft19714039360052″
S-3320-E3″ straight, 1-1/8″ shaft365310603600103″
SP-3240-E2″ self-priming, 3/4″ shaft15211242360052″
SP-3340-E replaces SP-3320-E3″ self-priming, 1-1/8″ shaft340265643600103″
SP-3350-E** replaces SP-3320-EX **3″ self-priming, high-flow (HF), 1-1/8″ shaft400365643600153″
SP-3450-E4″ x 3″ Self-Priming for 20 HP Elec. Motor560470643600204″ x 3″

** New Centrifugal Pump utilizing new impeller


  • To add flanges, add “-FLG” after part number (i.e., SP-3350-E-FLG).
  • To add carbide seals (available on 2″ and 3″ pumps), add “-C” after part number (i.e., SP-3350-E-C).


  • 116001-01: 2″ NPT to 220 series flange adapter, ductile iron.
  • 116002-01: 3″ NPT to 300 series flange adapter, ductile iron.