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1770NT John Deere Port Manifold Conversion Kit

John Blue Company has developed the following kits to make it easier to use John Blue products on your John Deere Planter.

  • Converts the 1770NT John Deere Port Manifold System to the newly redesigned FD-1210 and FD-2010 John Blue Flow Divider.
  • For planters built 2012 and later.


Variable Rate Hydraulic Drive Kit for John Deere® CANbus Planters

Using GreenStar™ GS2 and GS3

  • Base Kit to add variable rate capacity to a John Blue Piston Pump for the John Deere GreenStar Systems.
  • Existing pumps can be easily converted to variable rate.
  • Uses a PWM flow control valve.
  • A piston pump allows for quick and stable adjustment to application rates within milliseconds.
  • With a piston pump your application rates won’t change with the temperature.
  • Hydraulic 2-way bypass valve turns pump and liquid flow on and off.