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Delivery Line Check Valves for Planters & Applicators

Check Valves with Push Connect Fittings

For Planter & Applicator Delivery Lines

John Blue offers delivery line check valves for your planter and applicators – now available with Push Connect Fittings. Our check valves are easier to service and clean in the field. Stop your delivery lines from draining and put your fertilizer where the plants need it the most.

Poly or Stainless Irrigation Injection Check Valve

Irrigation injection Check Valves prevent backflow, siphoning and bleed through of product. John Blue offers check valves in both poly and 316 stainless steel. We just recently introduced a bleeder valve to compliment your John Blue Irrigation Check Valves. With the added bleeder valve you can bleed air from your distribution lines which can help prime your chemical injection pump.